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JACK'S CREAM                                                                                                                                     
Jack's Cream is a heavy bodied blending medium. It extends the open time of paints to allow for the blending of colors. It is typically used with Bulletin Colors and Artist Oil Colors. Available in gallons and quarts. 






M6997 Alkyd Flattening Paste is an additive used to modify the gloss level of Bulletin Enamel and Lettering Enamel colors. Can be used to achieve a semi-gloss finish by using up to one quart per gallon. Available in quarts.

Jack's Cream-Family.png
Alkyd Flattening Paste-Quart.png

F-440     Flow Enhancer (Pints)

Improves the flow-out and leveling properties of One Stroke Lettering Enamel, Outdoor Bulletin Enamels and other similar paints. Slows drying, reduces drag and eliminates brush strokes for a beautiful finish when hand-lettering and/or pinstriping. 




R-722     Low-Temp Reducer (Pints)

R-724     High-Temp Reducer (Pints)

These reducers cut One Stroke Lettering Enamels efficiently, for maximum performance benefit without sacrificing gloss or adhesion. Designed to improve application. Use Low-Temp Reducer to accelerate drying below 75°F, while High-Temp Reducer extends dry times when working above 75°F.

H-100     Enamel Hardener (Half Pints)

Increase gloss and improve durability in One Stroke Lettering Enamels and other similar paints, while also cutting dry times.  A must-have for pinstriping and hand-lettering when planning to seal art under an automotive-grade clearcoat. 

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