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Aquacote is a waterborne, low odor, high gloss, solid covering, acrylic color system formulated for graphic arts and maintenance applications. It is lead free, fast drying, easy brushing, environmentally friendly, VOC compliant and easy to clean up. It produces a durable, flexible, weather resistant finish and exhibits excellent adhesion to wood, steel, concrete, galvanized metal, aluminum and treated or untreated vinyl. It is recommended for painting backgrounds, lettering copy and graphics on signs, outdoor advertising billboards, metal highway signs, commercial signs and vinyl banners. Metal structures must be primed with Ronan Prime Lock DTM Primer. 

Dry Time: @ 70°F. and 50% Relative Humidity: Dries to touch - 30 minutes; to handle - 2 hours; to recoat - 8 hours. Will take longer to dry under colder or more humid conditions. Wait 8 hours before rolling or folding vinyl signs.

Application Method: Brush, roll or spray.

For more info see Technical Data Sheet


WB021     Black
WB101     White
WB102     Fire Red
WB104     Bright Red

WB107     Imitation Gold
WB108     Maroon

WB114     Medium Brown
WB116     Ivory

WB124     Medium Orange
WB130     Primrose Yellow
WB132     Lemon Yellow
WB142     Emerald Green
WB143     Process Green

WB148     Dark Green
WB152     Light Blue
WB154     Process Blue
WB155     Reflex Blue
WB156     Brilliant Blue
WB162     Purple
WB164     Process Purple
WB166     Magenta
WB2202  White White
WBCL     Clear Base - Gloss

Click here to see color samples


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