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Industrial Speednamel is a high gloss, heavy duty, synthetic enamel designed for use on neon signs, backgrounds, trucks, steel structures and other surfaces where a superior, quick drying enamel is required. The tough, flexible, brilliant finish resists oils, grease, moisture, cold, heat, aliphatic solvents etc. making it ideal for use on machinery, equipment, walls, steel work in factories and plants or wherever a durable, high gloss coating is required. Ideal for use on equipment and rides in carnivals and amusement parks. 

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Ron-Tech DTM Industrial Enamel is a unique waterborne, corrosion resistant, 100% acrylic gloss enamel formulated to provide direct-to-metal application. It is designed for use as a maintenance coating on properly prepared metal, wood, masonite, concrete and masonry surfaces. Ron-Tech DTM Industrial Enamel dries to a durable, flexible, weather resistant gloss finish. Exhibits excellent adhesion on difficult to adhere to metal surfaces, wood, masonite, concrete and masonry surfaces. Provides improved color retention, gloss retention, and chalk resistance when compared to alkyd industrial enamels. Water based, corrosion resistant, lead and chromate free, this product is fast drying with low odor.  Easy to apply by brush. VOC compliant. Cleans up easily

For more info see Technical Data Sheet

Ron-Tech DTM Industrial
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